What is paneer?

What is paneer?

By Emma Bowen, Assistant Deli Manager

Paneer is a type of cheese commonly used in Indian cuisine. It is a fresh, acid-set cheese that is typically made with whole cow milk or buffalo milk. A common nickname for paneer is Indian cottage cheese because of the way the cheese is produced. It is a non-melting cheese, so it can be grilled, sautéd, or baked without it losing its shape. Due to the firmness of the cheese, it can be a perfect soy-free substitution for tofu in a variety of recipes. Paneer is also great as a little afternoon snack when you want to get in some extra protein. Just like any other cheese, paneer also pairs perfectly with a glass of wine. When choosing the wine, you will want to go for something on the acidic side, such as a Sauvignon Blanc.            

There are so many wonderful recipes that utilize paneer. A wonderful example is paneer tikka masala. This is a delicious dish that really highlights the taste and texture of the fresh cheese. Marinating paneer with Indian spices and yogurt beforehand takes this dish to the next level. Once the cheese is marinated, it can be pan fried and added to your favorite tikka masala gravy. This meal goes flawlessly with a side of warm roti. Whether you’re shopping for dinner or snacks, consider picking up some paneer on your next trip to GreenTree!

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