We’ve got caviar!

We’ve got caviar!

By Mike Wisney, Meat Buyer

Our expanded meat and seafood department is proud to welcome a new product line – Tsar Nicoulai. This company produces many fine and affordable caviar options, as well as smoked salmon and other unique products. Tsar Nicoulai is based in California and is a company that strives to produce a purely sustainable product from the hatchery to their by-products.

Tsar Nicoulai uses an above land tank system and organic pond filtration system that has earned them many awards for best practices. They pride themselves in their handcrafted products being produced without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO’s, biocides, radiation, or bio-engineering. The by-product produced by their sturgeon is even used to fertilize their own organic micro-green facilities, reducing their waste water by 70-80%. They have also just completed implementation of a solar system which powers their facilities and further reduces their carbon footprint.

We will be carrying a varied selection of caviar and smoked sturgeon, too. We will also be giving our shoppers a chance to order from their deluxe selections. Simply contact me at DeptBuyer@greentree.coop for details. You will be able to order single cans with fast delivery upon shipping.

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