This Is Your Opportunity to Make a Difference!

This Is Your Opportunity to Make a Difference!

By Michael J. Conway, Board Chair, Co-op Owner

GreenTree Cooperative Grocery will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2020 – an accomplishment that very few institutions can claim. GreenTree has survived for so long because of the support that it has from our community. GreenTree has a committed membership – some who have been shopping here since its inception! Our community clearly values healthy food and a healthy environment, providing a living wage for our neighbors, and being involved in the democratic process.

We now have the opportunity to expand our imprint on this community. GreenTree Cooperative Grocery has initiated a Capital Campaign to support the expansion of our little grocery store on Franklin Street to a much larger 10,000 square foot store in a mixed-use building between Mountain Town Brewing Company and the Borden Building. We are looking forward to:

  • Five times more retail space
  • A parking lot
  • Expanded deli with indoor and outdoor seating
  • More prepared foods
  • More grocery and produce options
  • More beer and wine
  • More of everything! 

This will be one of the largest development projects in downtown Mount Pleasant in decades and we want you to be a part of it! All it takes is your financial investment. GreenTree is not asking for donations; we are offering Michigan residents and businesses an opportunity to invest in this project. You can purchase preferred shares from GreenTree starting at $1,000 per share. You will receive a 2% annual dividend for investments between $1,000 and $9,000, a 3% annual dividend for investments between $9,001 and $50,000, and a 4% annual dividend for investments over $50,000. We aim to begin paying back the principal of your investment ten years after we launch our new store.

Investing in GreenTree is clearly one way to diversify your financial portfolio, but more importantly, it supports an organization committed to building a vibrant community. GreenTree Cooperative Grocery is a unique enterprise working toward the following desired outcomes:

  • People have access to food and products that meet their health needs, including organic, non-GMO, locally-produced, and responsibly-sourced.
  • Our Owners have the opportunity to participate in a democratic process.
  • Our community benefits from GreenTree being an exemplary employer.
  • We have a strong local economy.
  • Our community is educated.
  • Our environment is positively impacted.

The socioeconomic impact of an expanded GreenTree will significantly benefit the region. We expect to support more local farmers, provide more healthy food, employ more workers at a living wage, and promote healthy lifestyles. 

Please join me and the Board of Directors, GreenTree staff, GreenTree owners, and many community members and businesses. To make your investment or request additional information, contact:

Make your investment today! Let’s do this!


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    Yes! We do have a donation option now. You can follow this link to make your donation online. Read over the steps and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We appreciate your interest and support!

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