The Low Down on Co+op Basics

The Low Down on Co+op Basics

By Stacy Saul, Grocery Buyer, Co-op Owner

Co+op Basics mean everyday low prices for everyone!

These great prices on everyday staple foods are available to all shoppers, whether you have chosen to become a Co-op Owner or not. One of the key companies included in this program is Field Day. You may have noticed more of these Field Day items being added to our shelves in the past several months. All products from the Field Day company are part of the Co+op Basics Everyday Low Price program. There are tons of items to choose from, everything from oatmeal, juice, and coconut oil, to dishwasher detergent and paper towel. You can see a few of the items we offer here.

Co+op_Basics_Shelftag_CircleEven more exciting is that in the last month we have added other brands such as Natural Sea tuna and Woodstock to the Co+op Basics program. Starting in October, we will have another expansion including many more items: Clif bar, Luna bar, Silk, Silver Hills bakery, and Thousand Hills grass fed ground beef will all be a part of these amazing Everyday Low Prices!

More items will be added to the program each quarter through 2017. Just look for the purple signs around the store and save!!


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    We do not currently have an online shopping cart. You can have someone pick up groceries for you at the store and pay over the phone, or you could purchase a gift card for a specific person that they could then use to shop for you, but someone would have to come here in person to pick up the order. Does that make sense? Feel free to call us at 989-772-3221 if you have any questions.

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