The Co-op Scoop: Ode to Coffee

The Co-op Scoop: Ode to Coffee

By Sarah Christensen, General Manager, Co-op Owner

For a moment, think back to 2006: Taylor Swift released her first single, black nail polish was all the rage, and Pirates of the Caribbean was the number one movie. But more importantly, Laura Coffee started working at GreenTree Co-op. That’s right—this week Laura celebrates her 10-year anniversary as a smooth cooperator. A lot has happened in that decade. In 2006 GreenTree did just over $800k in sales, the light in our produce case was held in by a rutabaga, and we didn’t have a deli. Flash forward 10 years and this year we’ll do $1.7 million in annual sales, all the lights in our cases are fully functioning, and our deli serves up delicious food every day. Laura has played an integral part in all of that progress. More intimately though, she’s helped us develop a strong brand with signage and logos and service standards. She created our new website And with her signature purple hair, she’s helped make GreenTree more visible in our community.

laura popcorn
Laura with the popcorn machine.

Seriously, thank you Laura for your years of service to the Co-op!

Here’s what some of her fans, I mean coworkers, had to say about her:

“Laura is a GreenTree gem, a resource beyond compare—knowledgeable, vivacious, always ready to help anyone and everyone”-Dave Whitney-Produce Buyer

“Laura is a customer service superstar”-Sarah Christensen, General Manager

“Laura has never once tripped me while I was carrying hot soup”-Chris Wiesman, Deli Manager

“Succeeding on a D20, roll for perform”-Mackia Strong

“Laura is the only who appreciates my puns”– Nisaa Grant


Top 10 Laura-isms/quotes:

  1. That was close, let’s give it a smiley.
  2. So long as…
  3. Did anyone post the soups yet?
  4. That’s why I carry Band-Aids.
  5. I’m a hider, not a runner.
  6. Yay!!!
  7. Who made that sign?
  8. One time at Marketing Matters…
  9. Who took my scissors?
  10. Oh Maayy-gen (Megan)


Top 10 Things we’ve learned from Laura:

  1. Most of us do not know how to cut things straight.
  2. Invisible tape must not be used!
  3. Don’t use the good scissors for… (insert whatever you were about to use the scissors for)
  4. Mind tricks don’t work on her, only chocolate.
  5. Babies are scary.
  6. Container gardening works!
  7. The Gum Wall is the 8th Wonder of the World.
  8. Milk chocolate is pretty much man’s worst invention.
  9. Laura’s apron has all the things you need to survive a retail apocalypse, but you dare not touch it.
  10. Laura’s purse weighs more than she does.


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