That Co-op Smell

That Co-op Smell

By Stacy Saul, Board Member, Co-op Owner

Since moving away from Mount Pleasant nearly two years ago to the West side of the state, I can assure you that I have found nowhere that has the same wonderful scent called, “That Coop Smell”. It’s a mix of onion skins, curry, patchouli, garlic, kombucha, and love?

Stacy Saul – Board Member!

I am a newly elected Board Member, long time Owner, and the past Grocery Buyer where I worked for seven years until leaving in December of 2016. Luckily for me, my new post brings me to town once a month to do some shopping, and see everyone from my doctor, best friend, city commissioner, astrologer, and massage therapist just from one trip to GreenTree! For me it’s a bit of a homecoming, where I have a sense of community, a place that I belong.

Where else can you experience this sense of community with so many like minded people?

How did you find the Co-op? Was it allergies that brought you in for local honey? You saw a booth at a local gathering? Maybe it was a friend? Whatever it was, can you take just a moment and share it with your friends? GreenTree is hoping to move and expand in the future. We will need more people to join and show their support and love of the Co-op! If you feel that there is no other place like it, and you want to participate in shaping the Co-op’s future, you may want to consider running for the Board next Spring. I know that seems very far away, but it’s not. Exciting things are happening at GreenTree and we want you to be a part of it!

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