Thanksgiving Catering Menu

Thanksgiving Catering Menu

By Christopher Wiesman, Deli Manager, Co-op Owner

Let’s face it: Thanksgiving can be stressful. The menu planning, the travel, and the inevitable heart attack that comes with visiting family for extended periods of time—honestly, we could all do with a little less meshugas. Let GreenTree help you! Our deli is offering a full Thanksgiving menu for all your special ordering needs. All you have to do is heat, eat, enjoy, and maybe nap afterwards. You’re on your own with the family part, though.

But what does our menu include? In a word, everything. (Okay, maybe not literally everything, but a healthy smattering of all the classics.) Looking for delicious sides? No problem. Decadent desserts? We’ve got ‘em. Cranberry sauce, rolls, stuffed baked squash, gravy, cheese balls—the list goes on. We can even provide thick-sliced roasted turkey. Vegan or gluten-free? Don’t fret: we’ll be able to cater to all requests. So don’t let dietary restrictions hamper your good eats!

Here’s how to order: First, head on over to our website or stop in the store to get a copy of the catering menu and an order form. You can choose from one of our pre-planned menus for maximum simplicity or order à la carte to create a scrumptious personalized holiday dinner. We also included a handy serving-size guide to help you decide exactly how much meets your needs—feel free to order a little or a lot! And we will be accepting orders up to three days before Thanksgiving, so you can take your time picking out the perfect foods for your meal. Once you’re ready, drop off your order form (or stop in or call and have us fill it out) and let us do the rest. We’ll have your order prepared the day before Thanksgiving (unless an earlier day is specified).

GreenTree is happy to help your holiday go as smoothly as possible by providing delicious, high-quality food. As always, all our products will be free of partially hydrogenated oils and high-fructose corn syrup, and made with organic, local, and/or fair trade ingredients where possible. We hope to hear from you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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