Summer Snacking Cheeses

Summer Snacking Cheeses

By Sara Moffett, Prepared Foods Manager, Co-op Owner

It’s almost summer, and, with that, shoppers are starting to venture out more and need lots of tasty ideas for delicious snacks to take with them. GreenTree has brought in some new items just for summer snacking (and we still have our beloved favorites for you to enjoy as well)!

New to the store, we have Just the Cheese crunchy baked cheese bars. We carry the Grilled Cheese and Cheddar flavors. These snacks are low-carb and made with 100% real Wisconsin cheese. Each package has two individually wrapped bars, so you can share one or store it for later. This item was a featured product on Shark Tank and could be a fun addition to a picnic basket.

We have also brought in Kerrygold Dubliner Irish cheese snacks as a fun warm-weather option. These cheese sticks are individually packed for easy on-the-go use in lunch bags, coolers, or just a snack for the road. This packaging features the great taste of Dubliner in an easy-to-eat form! You can pack out a charcuterie board for your next camping trip and throw a few of these in the mix, paired with a full-bodied wine, like a Cabernet, or pack it with some Guinness. It is sure to elevate any occasion!

We also have the Plant-Based, Original, and White Cheddar Babybel snacking cheeses available. These cheeses come in a net bag and are wrapped in a wax coating to preserve the freshness of the cheese inside, and they are also very fun to peel! They are a crowd-pleasing two-bite option and easy to bring along to the beach or on a hike. Portable and delicious!

Like the assorted Babybel styles, we also carry Belgioioso snacking cheeses in fresh Mozzarella, Fontina, Asiago, and Parmesan. These cheeses are a bite-sized, convenient version of your favorite cheeses from a brand you know and trust. They come in small easy-to-take bags of five to eight pieces of individually wrapped cheese. You can pack them in your lunch box for a convenient snack or pair them with grapes, nuts, pretzels, crackers, or other charcuterie favorites for an elevated experience. It’s a great way for kids to try new flavors, too!

A few other portable snacking cheese options are Parm Crisps, which we carry in the Original and Cheddar flavors, and Moon Cheese, which we have in Cheddar Believe it and Oh My Gouda! These snacks are sold in a resealable bag and are crispy, crunchy, and light, which is a new, and different way to try one of your favorite foods! It might be a hit with the kids, too!

Many of these snacking cheeses are a good source of calcium and protein and are easy to travel with as some don’t even need refrigeration to enjoy! They’re great for more than trips, lunches, and snacks, too. When paired with fruit, veggies, nuts, and bread they also make great appetizers! With a wide assortment to choose from, we hope that you will enjoy a few of these this summer!

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