Stock Up and Save Big

Stock Up and Save Big

Is there anything quite like getting excited to craft your next meal and you have absolutely every ingredient you need right in your pantry and refrigerator? The meal suddenly comes along like you’re a star in a Food Network show and right on time to stave off any potential hangriness!

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We want to help you get this feeling of preparedness every time you step into your kitchen! By buying cases of well loved, time-after-time favorites, we can stock your pantry so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. GreenTree offers discounts on special orders of case quantities for any item that comes by the case. The quantity in a case can vary by brand and item, but just call, email, or stop into the Co-op and we can get you the number and cost after discounts. Even items such as lotions, supplements, and produce offer case discounts!

Planning to stock your freezer with a bushel of apples? We can do that for you! Looking for a different shade of make-up? We can do that for you! Need a case of all-purpose organic vegetable broth? We can do that for you! Want to buy your favorite granola bars once and forget it for the next month? We’ve got your back.

*Owners of the Co-op get 10% off case quantities and 5% on cases of sale items.

*Non-Owners of the Co-op get 5% off case quantities and the sale price on sale items.

Some popular special orders are unique flavors of LaCroix, spice mixes, and non-dairy desserts. We can also order specialty juices, frozen veggies, chocolatey treats, big bags of coffee, and so much more! Most of the time you can still get a case even if we don’t have it on the shelf. Ordering items by the case works well when you use an item frequently or it has a long shelf life. We can also get things like little glass spray bottles, cases of wine, or unique soaps for holiday gifting.

Not sure if we can order it for you? Let us know what it is you’re looking for and we’ll dig into it. We order from well over 75 suppliers and one of them may have what you’re searching for! GreenTree Cooperative Grocery is open 8am-9pm seven days a week. You can reach us at (989) 772-3221 or send an email to:

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