Stock Up and Save Big

Stock Up and Save Big

By Megan Barber, Grocery Manager, Co-op Owner

It certainly took long enough, but summer days are finally coming! No one wants to plan a trip to the grocery store while relaxing at the beach or hamming it up at the bonfire. Make trips count by placing special orders to stock up on household favorites like sparkling water, frozen ground beef, tortillas, sunscreen, and my favorite, garlic stuffed olives.

Buying a case of items you use frequently saves you time and money at GreenTree! Co-op Owners receive 10% off all items purchased in case quantities in any department. This includes a 10% discount on items that are already on sale.* Our most frequently purchased case items currently include water, canned beans, pet food, bulk grains, bar soap, fresh produce for canning, and supplements, but the possibilities keep going.

Typical case sizes** vary a little in each department:

  • In the grocery department most items come in cases of twelve. This includes frozen, dry grocery, meat and seafood, breads, fridge, and dairy.
  • In the bulk department cases are generally 25lbs, whereas bulk herbs and spices are typically available in one-pound quantities.
  • In body care and supplements, cases are considered an order of three each.
  • Beer typically comes in cases of four 6-packs, whereas a case of wine is a box of twelve bottles.

If we don’t carry your favorite brand, scent, or flavor, have our team see if we can special order them for you from one of our 75+ vendors! Reach out directly to, give the store a phone call at (989) 772-3221, or stop by the store to talk to staff in person. We’re open seven days a week from 7am-9pm!  

Fend off the hungry hordes at your home by stocking up today!

*In order to receive the sale price plus the 10% discount the items must arrive to us before the sale is over. Place your orders early in the sale period or ask a cashier or the department buyer to check if you are unsure whether the order will arrive in time.

**Case quantities vary by brand and vendor. The above are the most common quantities.

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