Smart Chicken

Smart Chicken

By Reeva Ripley, Bulk/Frozen/Meat Buyer, Storekeeper Team Leader, Co-op Owner

We are excited to offer a new Co-op Basics product… Smart Chicken! Smart Chicken is produced by an innovative company which has high quality standards and focuses on humane practices for employees and chickens alike. Here are some things which set them apart from standard chicken farming and processing:

    • Tecumseh Poultry was founded in 1998, to help diversify the poultry market and bring taste back into chicken products.
    • Treating animals and employees humanely is a fundamental company practice.
    • Focus on sustainable practices, by locating close to feed and water resource in the Midwest, specifically Nebraska, thereby reducing their transportation carbon emissions.
    • Birds raised in state-of-the-art tunnel ventilation buildings, which provide plenty of sunlight, are heated /cooled dependent on the season, and with continuous ventilation they have fresh air all the time.
    • Buildings are cage free, providing the bird plenty of space to roam with constant access to food and water, and their space is bedded with litter which is reconditioned regularly to maintain dry, clean conditions.
    • The birds are vegetarian-fed and antibiotic free and are Certified Humane by HFAC (Humane Farm Animal Care)

Smart Chicken also uses an air chill system commonly used in European meat processing, rather than the standard water chill process in the United States. This process prevents the spread of pathogens found in the shared water bath, prevents the absorption of chlorinated water into the meat, and increases tenderness. Because of this process and very high quality standards, consumers are getting the best product possible. We will now be carrying their boneless skinless thighs for $5.99/lb, whole chickens for $2.99/lb, and boneless skinless breasts for $6.49/lb!

If you have any additional questions, just ask away!

Fresh and Frozen Meat buyer,

Reeva (

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