Siete Family Foods

Siete Family Foods

By, Makaela Willis, Marketing & Owner Services Assistant

So here it is, a long-awaited post about the brand that makes some amazing grain free products, including my all-time favorite cookies the ‘Mexican Wedding Cookies’!

Siete is co-founded and operated by Veronica Garza. Veronica grew up with major autoimmune conditions and along with of her family of 7 (siete), she learned about all the good and bad ways food can make you feel. She was urged to try a low inflammation and grain free diet, which helped her to feel better. Her family joined her in this diet and together they created grain free Mexican dishes that they all could enjoy.

As a mission-based company, Siete Family Foods is passionate about making and sharing real food, gathering in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families. They want to positively impact the lives of under-served communities with education, entrepreneurship, and wellness. (Find more here about what they put in their products and more importantly – what they don’t!)

All their products are grain free, using produce like almonds, coconut, avocados, chia, and cassava (Cassava is a tuberous starchy root, like potatoes or yams, found in tropical areas in the Americas, like Brazil.) to create their products. And their “dairy” products like queso are all dairy free! Their hot sauces are Whole30 Approved too. Whole30 is a month-long clean eating program made by Melissa Urban and Dallas Hartwig, they are certified sports nutritionists. Looking at some of the products and their ingredients I was very happy to see that I could read every ingredient on the list easily and also knew what all the ingredients are.

We now carry more than 27 Siete products, come on by and give them a try!

Don’t know what to do with all these new products? Don’t worry, Siete has a wide variety of recipes available on their website! Each one uses their unique products to create all sorts of tastes and meals. Here is the link to their blog.

While I am not gluten free, I really like their Mexican Wedding cookies! Judy Gibson,a GreenTree Co-op Owner and close friend of mine who is gluten free, introduced me to those tasty Mexican Wedding cookies. So I thought I would ask what she thought of the company, and she said, “I like that its family owned, they use quality ingredients, and make eating gluten free delicious! Also, their customer service rocks!”

Some of her favorite Siete products are their chipotle chips, cassava tortilla chips, Mexican Wedding cookies, and enchilada sauces; those are some of the products she gets on repeat.

I come from a family with members who have Celiac and other health issues that create an intolerance to gluten. I remember before this increase in high quality gluten free products, my family would make gluten free cookies and treats (especially around Christmas) and they used to taste a little gritty and strange. Now those same cookies/treats have tricked even the most picky of palettes in my family into eating gluten free items! The first time I had the Siete Mexican Wedding Cookies, I could not tell they were gluten free. I am so happy that my family members who need to eat gluten free now can have the same experience of cookies as those who do not have to stay away from gluten.

Siete has such a colorful website, and it really shows a fun loving and family oriented company with the “Our Team” section of the company being all baby photos of their employees and owners. It is so fun to look at! Not only that but they have a personality quiz on their page! (What Siete Product are you? Personality Quiz) I took the quiz for fun and I found out I am Spicy Taco Seasoning.

The quiz says that, “I am a Daredevil. I’ll do anything for a thrill and my friends admire me for it. I like to hang out with a brave and curious crowd that fit my audacious personality. Still, I never take it too far, and always care for the ones around me. I ensure that they are having as much fun as I am having. I know my limits and abide by them. I am a force of nature.” 1% of those who took the test got this result, and I am very compatible with Siete’s Taco Shells. If you decide to take this fun and “very scientific” personality quiz, please tell me what you got in the comments!


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