GreenTree Co-op Market

Register Round-up

GreenTree is a cooperative organization and we do our best to use the 7 Cooperative principles to guide our actions. One of these principles, number 7, explicitly calls on us to engage with and support positive development of the community within which we operate.

One of the ways we participate in Principle 7 and show our concern for community is with our Register Round up program. This program allows our Owners and shoppers to round up their shopping trip to the nearest dollar (or higher) in support of a community organization. In the past we have supported the Detroit People’s Food Co-op, Dalis to the Rescue, Great Lakes Bay Pride, and others. Small donations by individuals can really add up to a big impact for these organizations when we work together, cooperatively!

Your organization can apply to be a recipient by filling out and submitting this form.

Due to the support of our Owners and shoppers we have been able to donate $9,344.08 so far!

Our current Round-up Recipient is:

Past Round-up Recipients:

Listening Ear Crisis Center – $326.92
Mend on the Move – $345.95
Mt. Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School (MIIBS) Education and Memorial Project – $708
EBT/SNAP Discount Program – $443.88
Isabella County Restoration House – $795.83
RISE Advocacy – $774.76
Central Sustainability – $385.00
Fancher Elementary School – $755.00
Friends of the Broadway Theatre – $709.00 
Dalis to the Rescue – $775.58
Infant Food Pantry – $787.00
Mother Nature’s Minions – $599.48
Detroit People’s Food Co-op – $1,200.09
Great Lakes Bay Pride – $737.59