Recycle with ReCORK!

Recycle with ReCORK!

GreenTree has partnered with ReCORK! ReCORK is a sustainability focused brand that understands corks have more than one life in products. Corks from wine bottles can easily be gathered and repurposed instead of being thrown out. Since 2008 over 110 million corks have be recycled to become different products like soft, cushioning, and sturdy shoe soles to replace the typical petroleum-based!

They have focused on making a natural and sustainable versatile alternative to foam and plastic with cork! Cork comes from the bark of cork oak trees in Mediterranean Europe and North Africa. It is naturally sustainable as it does grow back in 9-12 years. Being naturally lightweight and flexibile make it a perfect match for many applications! Being environmentally friendly is just the surface because not only is ReCORK making great products, but they are also carbon-negative. This means that not only are they carbon-neutral, but they are taking enough steps by actively planting trees and using carbon offsetting programs that they are positively impacting the world.

How can you help? Simply collect your natural corks as you use them at home and bring them into the Co-op at any time. We will collect them and send them in periodically to ReCORK so they can be repurposed into something new!

Read more about the awesomeness that is cork here.

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