Pure Clean Laundry: Michigan-Made

Pure Clean Laundry: Michigan-Made

By Megan Barber, Wellness Buyer, Co-op Owner

Washing our clothes can be a chore, especially if they don’t come clean. Not to mention, if you have sensitive skin, harsh detergents and synthetic fragrances can really irritate skin. In steps Pure Laundry. Mirandy Richardson runs the business, creating locally made, simple ingredient, powerful laundry concentrate. Because it is a concentrate, you just need a tablespoon per load of laundry, making it last. It comes in pints and quart jars in lavender and unscented. The pint jar lasts up to 32 loads of laundry while the quart jar lasts through 64 loads. It naturally softens your clothes as it washes.

Pure Laun. Group Shot 1Also available from Pure Laundry are wool dryer balls. These little balls are designed to speed up drying time, lessen clinging pet hair and static electricity, while naturally softening your clothes. There is no need for dryer sheets when you have reusable dryer balls. If you’re looking for a touch of natural scent, just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to them before running your dryer!

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