Product Spotlight: Olipop

Product Spotlight: Olipop

By Reeva Ripley, Assistant Grocery Manager, Co-op Owner

Looking for a yummy drink that doesn’t rely on a bunch of sugar to taste good? You should check out the new line of carbonated beverages by Olipop in our drink case. They are fizzy tonic beverages that use botanical ingredients like marshmallow root, chicory, and slippery elm, just to name a few, to create delicious flavor profiles like Vintage Cola, Orange, Grape, and my current favorite, Cherry Vanilla. Whether you want to sip it straight, use it as a mixer, or a bit of both, there’s a flavor to suit your tastes.

Olipop is non-GMO, gluten-free, paleo, and keto-friendly too, so no matter your diet you can enjoy their product without having to compromise. This delicious tonic helps keep bellies happy and healthy with a prebiotic blend, which works to feed all those good bacteria in our bodies to sustain a diverse micro-biome. A diverse and healthy micro-biome promotes healthy digestion, which makes for happier people! On top of that the botanical blend Olipop uses to flavor this tasty drink provides 9g of fiber with only 5g (or fewer) of sugar! That’s 9g more fiber than a typical soda with only a fraction of the sugar.

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