Our New Bulk Department

Our New Bulk Department

By Reeva Ripley, Assistant Grocery Manager, Co-op Owner

SO much has changed at GreenTree since our relocation in December 2021, including the bulk department. We have worked to keep all the top selling products that you, the customers, and Owners, chose with your purchasing power. Though there are fewer bins now, adding pre-packed items has allowed the Co-op to offer a greater variety of goods and keep them fresher and more sanitary for everyone to shop! Instead of messy buckets of peanut butter and almond butter, we now have fresh ground organic nut butters that everyone can grind themselves. (You have the option to bring your own containers too, just have them weighed at the front counter before filling.)

We are still offering local honey and maple syrup and have even added a certified organic local option of robust maple syrup. We still carry the best-selling Equal Exchange coffees in bins, and added Truck Stop Organic coffees from Traverse City, and some terrific organic and Fair-Trade coffees from Tierra Farm too. There are more conventional options in our nut and rice selections (still eco-friendly and health conscious) so when you’re shopping on a budget there is a wider range of prices to choose from. As always, you have the option to special order any products available to the Co-op in case quantities.

If you have any questions or concerns you can reach me via email at: reeva@greentree.coop.

Thank you all for working with the staff to make our new location a success!

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