Made in Michigan

Made in Michigan

By Megan Barber, Grocery Buyer, Merchandising Manager, Wellness Buyer, Co-op Owner

Gearing up for Michigan’s summer months got off to a halting start with an April ice storm, but those dreams of local products found at your nearest farmer’s market don’t have to be put on hold! Year round, we carry numerous fresh local produce options, canned and pickled choices, farm raised meats, cultured yogurts, fresh breads, sweet honeys, and so much more. Here are just a few personal favorites and a little about the dedicated people producing them!

The Brinery specializes in seasonal sauerkrauts made from over 200,000 pounds of locally grown cabbage, keeping their twelve employees busy! It doesn’t get much simpler than salt and cabbage and a few flavorings like turmeric and carrots! Their classic green cabbage sauerkraut is simply my favorite on its own, with fried kielbasa, or topping a grilled hotdog. Find their products in the refrigerated section!

The Cherry Stop, located in Traverse City, has been taking local cherries and transforming them into delicious products since 1995. Products like the cherry rhubarb jam we carry have easily become a staple in my pantry! The sweet and slightly tart spread goes perfectly with toast, muffins, bagels, and is definitely spoon lickin’ worthy! Find this and other locally made jams by nut butters!

Safie Specialty Foods has been producing crisp, fresh, pickled products since 1929! In that time they have clearly refined and perfected their recipes! I haven’t met one of their products I haven’t liked yet, but topping the list for me are the pickled beets and the pickled carrots. Both retain a just enough crunch and have amazing flavors! With no added preservatives these handpicked and hand packed items have won numerous awards including Best Small Business in 2002! As a snack or as a compliment to a meal, you cannot go wrong with Safie products! Find these items with dressings and condiments.

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