Join the board of GreenTree! Wait… What?

Join the board of GreenTree! Wait… What?

By Robert Murray, Board Chair, Co-op Owner

You love the Co-op, you know what an important role GreenTree plays in our community, and this could be your chance to help move this very important organization forward! You are a member of the Co-op because you believe in it. Become a Board Member and you can be part of the decision-making process, administration, and an ongoing dialogue about the direction of our wonderful cooperative.

“Why do these people on the GreenTree board keep asking ME to join the Board?” you might ask yourself. I have a simple answer for you: BECAUSE IT IS IMPERATIVE! Quality governance is a key element for the success of every organization and GreenTree is no exception. You do not need to have served on other boards or have an advanced degree in organizational leadership (although now that I think about it that would be cool!), you just need to have a passion for the Co-op, vision, and a willingness to learn. If you are elected to the Board, the Board Orientation is a great foundation from which to begin, and there are many Board development opportunities as well.

Two Board Member (Gary and Robert) serve up cake and coffee for GreenTree's 46th birthday!
Two Board Members (Gary and Robert) serve up cake and coffee for GreenTree’s 46th birthday!

Is joining the Board of Directors going to take up all of your spare time? No, it will not; you will need to attend a monthly Board Meeting, the Annual Owner Meeting, and complete various committee assignments, but your time investment will be reasonable. There is always ample opportunity, as well, to become more involved if you so desire.

What does the Board do at their meetings? The Board is responsible for watching over the Co-op’s financial condition, monitoring the policies and bylaws that govern our Co-op, evaluating the performance of our General Manager, responding to shareholders’ concerns, and making decisions that can only be made by the Board. The Board is also charged with assuring that the purpose, values, and principles of the Co-op are part of every decision. It’s important to understand that the board does not make operational decisions – we delegate operational matters to the General Manager.

If you have any questions about the role of a Co-op Board Member you can contact our Vice Chair at If you would like to run for a Board position, please fill out a Candidacy Form.

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