It’s Turkey Time

It’s Turkey Time

To kick off the holiday season we are starting our Fresh Turkey sign-up on September 1st. We will have 100 birds available from Biehl’s Circle B Turkey Ranch located in Mancelona, MI, again this year. Biehl’s has been a family-owned Michigan farm for 80 years! This is the third year they have provided GreenTree customers with farm-fresh, GMO-free, steroid-free, antibiotic-free, pastured turkeys.

In addition to our local fresh turkeys, this year we will also have 14 organic fresh birds and 8 non-GMO fresh birds available from Mary’s Free Range Turkeys. They offer non-GMO, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed, turkeys raised without added hormones, and no synthetic amino acids. Mary’s organic turkeys also are fed grains that are not treated with pesticides or grown with chemical fertilizers, as well as being gluten-free! All their birds are given feed that is 65% corn, 30% soybean meal, and 5% vitamins and nutrients! We will also be offering fresh bone-in breast from Mary’s Free Range Turkeys as part of our pre-order!

In addition to our selection of fresh pre-order turkeys, we will have frozen turkeys from
Ferndale Market, whole and bone-in breast, as well as whole turkeys from Organic
Prairie available in our freezer section starting at the end of October!

Call 989-772-3221 to reserve yours today!


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    100 birds available from Biehl Turkey Farm in Mancelona, MI, at $3.99/lb.

    This year we will also have 14 Organic fresh birds and 8 non-GMO Fresh birds available from Mary’s Free Range Turkeys.

    Mary’s Free Range Turkeys- New to pre-order this year ARRIVE: TBD

    – Whole non-GMO turkeys $2.79/lb.
    – Whole organic turkeys $3.89/lb.
    – Fresh bone in non-GMO breast $4.89/lb
    – Fresh bone in organic breast $6.49/lb

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