It’s time for YOU to join our Board of Directors!

It’s time for YOU to join our Board of Directors!

By Michael J. Conway, Vice Chair, Co-op Owner

GreenTree Co-op Market has grown, and our new store has made a huge impact in downtown Mt. Pleasant. The possibilities that this location provides are endless. Do YOU have any ideas? We need passionate leaders who will represent our Owners and guide the organization into the future.

There is a reason that GreenTree makes an outsized impact in our community. GreenTree Co-op Market
is governed by the following Ends:

Board Members all dressed up for our 2022 birthday party!
  • People have access to food and products that meet their health needs, including organic, non-GMO, locally-produced, and responsibly-sourced.
  • Our Owners have the opportunity to participate in a democratic process.
  • Our community benefits from GreenTree being an exemplary employer.
  • We have a strong local economy.
  • Our community is educated.
  • Our environment is positively impacted.

Although profitability is necessary for ongoing operations, the Board of Directors primarily makes decisions based on the above Ends. We support the General Manager and ensure that GreenTree promotes the health and wellness of our region. We provide healthy products that strengthen the local and regional economy and environment. We promote democracy. We ensure that GreenTree is an exemplary employer.

It is clear why our cooperative is over 3,000 Owners strong and growing. It’s focused on YOU. We make decisions that will positively impact your life. GreenTree has grown, but it also wants our community to grow. It wants YOU to grow, too. One growth opportunity is becoming a member of the Board of Directors – a dynamic group of Owners who love GreenTree and who want to help our region thrive.

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please complete this form and contact GreenTree Co-op Market directly at 989-772-3221 or email General Manager Sarah Christensen at


Michael J. Conway

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