Indigenous Peoples Month

Indigenous Peoples Month

By Sarah Christensen, General Manager, Co-op Owner

November is Indigenous Peoples Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous communities in the United States. For us, we’re specifically honoring and celebrating the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe (SCIT) whose land we all reside on. This year, throughout November, we’re collaborating with the SCIT. We’ll be hosting a series of initiatives to raise awareness, educate our shoppers, and foster a deeper sense of connection with Indigenous foods.

Indigenous Foods on the Hot bar

One of the highlights of GreenTree’s celebration is the addition of Indigenous-themed foods to our hot bar. Each Friday in November, customers can savor the flavors of traditional Indigenous cuisine as they enjoy a variety of dishes. These special offerings are a way to pay tribute to the culinary traditions of the Indigenous people and introduce customers to the delicious and culturally significant dishes.

The collaboration with the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe brings a local touch to the celebration, showcasing the region’s unique Indigenous culinary heritage. Chef Sam Anglin, a member of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, is a fervent advocate for preserving indigenous food practices. With over 18 years of service across different positions for the Tribe, he has learned and shared traditional food wisdom at Intertribal Food Summits across the Midwest. From pow-wows to banquet halls, and museums to intimate gatherings, Chef Sam Anglin enjoys hunting, fishing, foraging, and cooking for those he holds dear. We’re so grateful that he’s shared his expertise with us to develop some wonderful offerings for you in November.

Anishinaabe Language Signs

You’ll also notice Anishinaabe (also known as Ojibwe) language signs throughout the store. This initiative serves a dual purpose – it educates the public about the importance of preserving Indigenous languages, which are often endangered, and it provides an opportunity for the community to engage with a vibrant and living culture that is deeply rooted in the region. Thank you to GreenTree Board Member and Seventh Generation Program Cultural Manager, Lee Ruffino, and the rest of her team for helping us with the translations.

Round-up Recipient: Mt. Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School (MIIBS)

The Round-up recipient for November will be the Mt. Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School (MIIBS) memorial and educational project. By supporting this project, GreenTree Co-op Market is contributing to the collective effort to commemorate the experiences of Indigenous children who attended these schools, often subjected to forced assimilation, abuse and cultural erasure.

Funding from the Round-up program will be used to enhance educational programs, erect memorial plaques, and ensure that the legacy of those who attended MIIBS is never forgotten. We want to emphasize the importance of acknowledging the historical injustices that have impacted Indigenous communities and help in their efforts to heal and preserve their heritage.

For more information on Anishinaabe culture, we suggest visiting the Ziibiwing Center.

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