GreenTree Co-op: Register Round-Ups

GreenTree Co-op: Register Round-Ups

By Vince Hendon, Front End Manager

GreenTree Co-op Market’s Register Round-Up Program allows customers to round up their total at the register to the next dollar (or any amount they choose) to benefit chosen organizations. The program started as a fundraiser for our expansion. Last year, when our project was complete, GreenTree staff chose organizations that we knew were doing good work in our community.

This year, we wanted to widen our reach, so we constructed an application that allows local organizations to apply for the program. In considering applications we, of course, want to support organizations that share our values and support the goals stated in GreenTree’s Ends. Specifically, we will make our recipient selections based on organizations or projects that are focused on food access or food insecurity, sustain and protect our environment, do humanitarian work, or contribute to orienting our community toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

If you know of or represent an organization or project that would be a good fit for this program, you can find the application here.

Applications will be reviewed and chosen four times per year and the chosen organization will be the Round-up recipient for an entire month. All of the applications we receive in an annual cycle will be eligible for the whole year. So, if you apply in February but aren’t chosen for March we’ll keep your application and consider it with each review for the rest of 2023.

After the month ends, we will present the selected organization with the donations raised by our Owners and shoppers.

So far this year we’ve received 5 applications and are looking forward to receiving more. We are excited to help our customers support a new group of organizations in 2023!

Past recipients of our Register Round-Up Program include:
Friends of the Broadway Theatre – $709.00
Dalis to the Rescue – $775.58
Infant Food Pantry – $787.00
Mother Nature’s Minions – $599.48
Detroit People’s Food Co-op – $1,200.09
Great Lakes Bay Pride – $737.59

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