Fantasy Food-Off 2020

Fantasy Food-Off 2020

We’re giving away a turkey! (Or a vegan/vegetarian alternative.)

It’s very simple. To enter, fill out the form and bring it back to the store by the time we close on November 2nd. One entry per person over 18. Multiple adults living in a household may fill out separate entries. When turning in the form make sure you have picked an Ultimate Winner and included your name and phone number. (This is how we notify the winner.) If you want a copy so you can keep track at home simply ask a staff member to make you one.

You can print the entry form here.

To Recap:
1) Fill out a form. 
2) Make sure you have chosen an ultimate winner on the final line in the center.
3) Return it to the store by November 2nd.
(You can also email it to or fax it to 989-775-3961.) 

Not sure which products to choose? There are two basic strategies – you can pick winners based on which products are YOUR favorites, or you can choose based on what you think is most popular with our Owners and shoppers.

Once voting begins in the store and on Facebook follow along and support your picks to increase your odds of winning!

Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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