Discover Natura

Discover Natura

By Mike Wisney, Meat & Alcohol Buyer, Co-op Owner

Natura is among the top organic wines that are produced from the purest, healthiest, and highest quality organically grown grapes. In the vineyard, they seek to maintain a natural balance to express the true character of the vineyards. They nurture the land, cultivate grapes of superior quality, and produce world-class wines in tune with nature. Grown with the utmost respect for the environment, these natural grapes are then turned into one of the top organic wines from Chile. From the beginning they have been dedicated to producing premier Chilean wines, searching for the finest ‘wine valleys’ in order to determine the best places to grow each varietal. Natura comes from organically farmed estate vineyards in some of the most renowned wine growing areas of Chile.

As the official Natura winemaker for this premier Chilean wine, Emilio Contreras embraces organic agriculture because it gives him the opportunity to produce wines with unique character and identity. He also believes profoundly in Emiliana’s philosophy, where all of the work done focuses singularly on Excellence. He works to achieve a balance in the vineyards based on the harmony between highest quality grapes and vineyard management and the deepest respect for the environment and workers. Since joining Emiliana in 2007, Emilio’s career has focused primarily on the Colchagua and Maipo valleys in Chile.

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