Covid-19 and Your Co-op

Covid-19 and Your Co-op

Hello cooperators! Here’s a quick update on the state of the Co-op. Things are changing on a daily basis, but we’re doing our best to keep everything running smoothly. In order to protect shoppers and staff during this time we are making the following temporary changes:

*No wooden nickels.
*No grab-n-go coffee.
*If you bring your own bags we will ask you to bag purchases yourself.
*Soups are now available in pre-pack containers only.
*No returns are being accepted at this time.
*Only 15 shoppers in the store at a time. We will be monitoring this throughout the day and you may be asked to wait if we are at capacity. If you are able, please limit trips to one shopper per household as this will help alleviate congestion.
*8-9am Wednesday and Thursday is open for in-store shopping for elderly and vulnerable shoppers ONLY.

In order to better manage Special Orders of case quantities while prioritizing orders for the store we are instituting the following temporary rules:

  • Special Orders must be picked up on the day they are delivered. (We will call you to let you know that the order has arrived in the store.)
  • We cannot provide advance price quotes at this time.

Please practice good social distancing in the store, allowing 6 feet of space to both staff members and fellow shoppers while in the store. And please DO NOT shop while sick, arrange an order for pick up instead.

Our staff is engaged in regular sanitizing of carts, counters, and high touch surfaces throughout the day and we have installed plexiglass shields at our registers.

Good News:
*The Double Up Food Bucks program has temporarily removed the daily $20 cap so there is no limit on how much you can earn per shopping trip. (Credits still do not roll over so you must use the entire value of a coupon at once when redeeming it.)

*Our current hours are 9am-9pm Monday-Sunday. You can also place your Curbside Pick Up orders here!


  1. Sue C. Murphy

    Greentree staff are doing an amazing job of keeping us updated, keeping our favorite things available, and making members feel safe! Thanks for your hard, smart work.

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