Coolhaus Rocks!

Coolhaus Rocks!

By Makaela Willis, Marketing & Owner Services Assistant

This is ice cream for positive change.

Coolhaus is one of our Inclusive Trade brands at GreenTree. These brands are all labelled on the shelf with a yellow tag. Brands that receive the Inclusive Trade designation are run by women, people of color, or members of the LGBTQ+ community. This signage helps show our support for these strong entrepreneurs and their companies. All of the brands make excellent products, but I think Coolhaus wins the award for being the sweetest!

Their ice cream cookie sandwiches are yummy!

Coolhaus is a brand that cares about what their products are doing for their communities as well as the environment. They work towards empowering a more diverse leadership in business, to bring more women and LGBTQ+ business people and creators to the forefront, and to create clean products with no compromises.


Natasha and Freya founded Coolhaus back in 2009 when they did not feel represented by any of the dessert brands then on grocery store shelves; not as Millennials, women, or members of the LGBTQ+ community. So, they decided to change that! Their big debut was to a crowd of 100,000 at Coachella Music Festival. They went viral from there!

Coolhaus is the top women-led ice cream company in the nation with Sammies (or sandwiches), cones, pints, and cups in 6,000 grocery stores, ice cream trucks all over the country, and a shop and Innovation Center in Culver City, CA. They even cater and do events! That is so cool. Along with all these awesome ways to consume ice cream, they also have dairy free options. So everyone can enjoy their tasty sweet treats!

Share your Sammie (or don’t), it’s great either way!

I had the privilege to try one of Coolhaus’ treats so I could give my thoughts on this amazing brand. Let’s just say I can’t seem to get the thought of their ‘That Dough Though’ ice cream sandwich out of my head after trying it. I split the ice cream Sammie with my partner after a rather stressful day and it made me feel so much better. There is nothing like a sweet cookie dough ice cream sandwich to lift your spirits. I was really surprised by how big the sandwich was too. It’s made with two good sized soft chocolate chip cookies and they do not go light on the ice cream either. This Sammie was a great treat to end a day with.

These Coolhaus Ice Cream Sammies are very popular among the staff here at GreenTree. After all, what better way to beat the heat of summer than with an amazing ice cream treat? I asked a few of my co-workers to share their favorite flavors of CoolHaus. (It was very hard for folks to pin down a favorite.) Our Produce Assistant Manager, and resident vanilla ice cream connoisseur, Jen, loves the Tahitian Vanilla ice cream Sammie. Many of the Deli staff have tried and enjoyed these wonderful ice cream sandwiches too. Leigh Ann loves the Cookies & Cream Sammie and says the ice cream in the middle tastes like a frosty from Wendy’s. Many of our staff members were ready to sing the praises of these ice cream sandwiches. They don’t melt quickly (I tested this by walking home with one on a rather warm afternoon), the cookies are nice and soft (they did not become tough to chew from being frozen), and all the flavors are just so tasty!

Overall, we here at GreenTree think Coolhaus rocks! To learn more about Coolhaus and their work towards positive change, check out their website here!

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