Converting Your Treasured Recipes Into More Natural Healthy Dishes

Converting Your Treasured Recipes Into More Natural Healthy Dishes

gt2This recipe was published in the April 1989 GreenTree Newsletter. We’re not sure who the original author or source was, but the tips still hold up. Since this is the time of year when many of us find ourselves indulging, it seems like a good time to share them again!

Cooking Tips

Many of your favorite recipes can often be made into more nutritious dishes by simply replacing refined foods with the richer flavors of whole, unrefined foods.

Omit                                                                            Use

Cake Flour

All Purpose Flour

Boxed Cereals

Whole Wheat pastry flour

Whole Wheat flour

Granola or whole flaked or cracked grains

Cracker or Bread Crumbs Whole Wheat bread crumbs or wheat germ
White Rice *Brown Rice
Sugars * Raw Honey (½ instead of 1 sugar)

*Maple syrup


*Fruit Juices

Chocolate Carob Powder (3Tbsp plus 2Tbsp milk= 1 square chocolate)
Cocoa Carob Powder (equal amounts)
Cornstarch Whole Wheat flour, brown rice flour, arrowroot flour
Salt Sea salt, kelp powder, Tamari soy sauce
Distilled Vinegar

Hydrogenated Fats

Cider vinegar

Unrefined oils: safflower, corn, olive, sesame

Baking Soda Low sodium baking soda

*Requires more dry or less liquid ingredients.

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