Community Partner Spotlight: Enlightened Nutrition LLC

Community Partner Spotlight: Enlightened Nutrition LLC

By Makaela Willis, Marketing & Owner Services Assistant

GreenTree Co-op now has fourteen Community Partners, and we wanted to let our Owners and community members know more about these amazing local businesses. Let’s get to know the faces of Enlightened Nutrition LLC! Based in Saginaw, Michigan, Enlightened Nutrition is a team of three registered Dietitians: Taylor, Joelle, and Kyle. They have created a self-paced and virtual nutrition coaching company to help bridge the gaps between people and nutrition, making learning how to eat better, feel better, or work with a new or challenging allergy or diagnosis easier!

I was given the amazing opportunity to connect directly with Joelle over email about the business. I asked her a few questions and I can not wait to share her answers:

What made you feel like Mount Pleasant and surrounding area would benefit from your business?

“We have all lived in Mount Pleasant during our lives. We have grown to love the mission of GreenTree as a way to connect with and support the community.”

Why did you start your business?

“We have been searching for a way to bridge the gap when it comes to all the misinformation surrounding nutrition. Life can be overwhelming enough – what and when you eat shouldn’t add to that!”

What do you want our community to know about your business?

“We aim to simplify nutrition so that it’s realistic and practical for everyone. We help make your metabolism your friend and believe all foods fit. We don’t just eat salads and we certainly don’t ask our clients to just eat salads! There’s so much more to nutrition than calories or following the latest diet trend, and that’s where we come in. We help you figure out a nutritious lifestyle that works for YOU, long term.”

We offer a virtual, self-paced program called “The Foundations Program” which includes: 6 pre-recorded trainings on foundational topics, 24/7 messaging access with your dietitian for questions and support, live check in, weekly emails with mini trainings and for accountability. We also offer 1:1 virtual nutrition coaching package to dive into your personal nutrition goals.

Our clients find great success managing chronic disease, managing weight, feeling more confident in choosing nutritious foods, making fitness gains and so much more. Together, we (Taylor, Joelle and Kyle) cover a wide range of nutrition specialties and absolutely love witnessing our clients reach goals and gain confidence every step of the way.”

Now this is my favorite question I asked:

Taylor, Kyle, and Joelle

What is your favorite part of your job?

Taylor – “My absolute favorite part of the job is seeing how confident and supported individuals become after working with us. Hearing how we can be a part in helping someone confidently understand and navigate through a clinical diagnosis, treatment plan, and pursue wellness sustainably is a blessing.”

Joelle – “My favorite part of the job is helping people find convenient ways to meet their nutrition goals. Nutrition doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the kitchen or prepping extravagant meals. I love seeing clients find hacks that work for them and hearing about every single client win, no matter how small or large.”

Kyle – “I love seeing the “a-ha” moment from clients – that moment when they understand how valuable food choices can be in reaching a goal. Seeing their confidence bloom is amazing. It’s rewarding when they’re able to share that knowledge with a family member or friend too. I’m here for the nutrition knowledge ripple effect!”

If you are interested in learning more or checking out what Enlightened Nutrition LLC has to offer, you can check out their website where you will also find fun recipes and a free meal planning download or you can check them out on Facebook too! If you are looking to learn more about eating well, Enlightened Nutrition is a great and affordable place to start. And if you are an Owner at the Co-op then you can even get $20 off their 2 month virtual nutrition program!

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