Cheese Madness 2023 Pairings

Cheese Madness 2023 Pairings

One cannot live on cheese alone – ideally you’ll want some wine and crackers too! So here are some suggested pairings for this year’s Cheese Madness competitors:

Gopi Paneer, a mild tasting Indian-style cheese.
Pair with: Ranga Ranga Sauvignon Blanc, a bright and fresh white wine with slightly spicy citrus notes.

Belgioioso Fresh Mozzarella, a delicate and clean tasting Italian cheese.
Pairs with: Rechsteiner Prosecco, a fresh and fruity sparkling wine.

Kerrygold Aged Cheddar, this imported Irish cheddar is rich and creamy.
Pairs with: Cabernet Sauvingon, a deep red with with hints of dark fruit and warm spices.

Cabot Lamberton, a sharp and caramelized British-style cheddar.
Pairs with: Merlot, dark, fruity, and easy to drink.

Garcia Baquero Queso Manchego, this Spanish sheep milk cheese is firm and creamy and does not dry out easily.
Pairs with: Amontillado, an amber colored sherry with hints of hazelnuts and herbs.

Cacique Cotija, a strongly flavored, salty, Mexican-style cheese from California.
Pairs with: Biutiful Rose, a tangy wine with juicy fruit flavors and a repeating floral note.

Red Apple Mango Habenero Gouda, this creamy, fruity, spicy Wisconsin cheese is great on sandwiches and burgers.
Pairs with: Lago Rose, a pale salmon pink wine with a refreshing acidity.

LaClare Goat Milk Cranberry Cinnamon, a creamy, tangy, spreadable Wisconsin cheese.
Pairs with: Pinot Noir, a deep, smooth red with notes of berry and mushroom.

LaClare Goat Milk Pepperjack, another Wisconsin cheese, this pepperjack is both zesty and buttery. 
Pairs with: Vouvray, a white French wine with floral notes and a pleasant pucker.

Natural Valley Goat Milk Colby Jack, this mild cheese is the product of hand-milked Wisconsin goats.
Pairs with: Chardonnay, a dry white wine with assertive fruit flavors and moderate acidity.

Supreme Brie Bites, this soft and creamy French-style cheese is great served warm.
Pairs with: Faire le Fete Brut, a gloden, blended French wine with less sugar than Prosecco.

Belgioioso Snacking Fontina, a silky smooth Italian-style cheese that melts well.
Pairs with: Avia Riesling, this slightly sweet wine is well balanced with a touch of melon and citrus.

EMMI Emmentaler Swiss, this nutty Swiss cheese is aged for at least four months.
Pairs with: Gruner Green Eyes, this refreshing white wine is bursting with notes of lime and white pepper.

Finlandia Gruyere, this smooth Finnish cheese has hints of fruity sweetness.
Pairs with: Chablis, these light white wines have a delicate citrus and floral aroma with a strong minerality.

Farm Country Morel & Leek, this Michigan cheese has an earthy nuttiness and a hint of onion.
Pairs with: German Riesling, a pale fruity wine with pronounced acidity.

Oliver Farms Olive Cheddar, this Michigan cheese combines two charcuterie favorites in one slice.
Pairs with: Abito Cab Franc, an assertive red with notes of fig and pepper.

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