Central Sustainability

Central Sustainability

Central Sustainability (CS) functions as the office of sustainability at Central Michigan University. Five student workers– Ava Brewer, Claire DeBlanc, Lauren Dey, Tiffany Jurge, and Meghan Vandamme
– and the Department Chair for Geography and Environmental Studies, Matthew Liesch, work together to implement policies, projects, and programs to advance sustainability on and around CMU’s campus.

The mission of CS is to institutionalize social, cultural, economic, human, and environmental sustainability on campus. This is done through a holistic approach to sustainability and includes community partnerships and collaborations. CS is partnered with community organizations including the Mt. Pleasant chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, and GreenTree!

In October, CS celebrated Campus Sustainability Month. Student workers led two walking tours around campus to give students the opportunity to participate in sustainability conversations and connect physical locations on campus with sustainability concepts. CS also held a campus clean-up where participants collected nearly 100 pounds of trash, waste audits where potential diversion rates were collected, a sustainability fair that GreenTree participated in, and more!

This fall, CS hosted the first CMU campus farmers markets. These were held weekly from September 8th until October 20th. Both students and community members participated in a successful season of farmers markets and CS is hoping to bring this program back next year! Current and ongoing projects that CS is working on include a campus garden, sustainability reports, a bike benefits program, and more!

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