Bulk Month

Bulk Month

By Reeva Ripley, Bulk Buyer, Storekeeper Team Leader, Co-op Owner

GreenTree was first formed in 1970 as a bulk foods buying club by folks that were looking for whole,
locally, sustainably, and ethically sourced foods that just were not available at the corner grocery store during that time. As more of the community became interested in socially and environmentally conscious foods the buying club grew into a store front called the Mt. Pleasant Food Co-op.

Our Bulk department offers the opportunity to buy in small or large quantities – exactly the amount you need!

As the popularity of organic foods began to rise, the Co-op became a destination for those looking to have a positive impact on the local economy and the world around them. By working together community members could purchase bulk quantities of items like flours, beans, and rice. Whole healthy foods became available with less packaging, which is good for the environment (and your pocket book).

In the early ‘90’s the Mt. Pleasant Food Co-op finally became GreenTree. Since then we have continued to grow with our expanding community, all-the-while providing whole and locally sourced foods through our bulk department! During the month of October we are celebrating GreenTree (and all Cooperatives) for empowering people to participate in and grow their local economies, while providing foods that are humane and environmentally conscious!

As part of this celebration we will be offering 25% off select bulk items throughout the month. Visit the store or go to our facebook page to see the new sales as they become available.

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