A Word from the Board

A Word from the Board

By Ray Davies, Board Vice Chair, Co-op Owner

Run for the GreenTree Board in 2017!

This is an invitation. I invite you to work with a group of interesting and dedicated people, people who share a passion for the Co-op – its mission, growth and community. As someone who’s been on the Board a couple times, both before and after the switch to our current Owner Equity/Patronage Rebate system, I urge you to run for the GreenTree Board. Your voice can directly impact how the Co-op advances – democracy in action.

A lot has changed since I first came to the Co-op as a shopper in 2003. GreenTree now has over 2,000 Owners, 17 employees, and is reaching towards $1.7 million in annual sales. As Owners, we welcome this growth, but realize the Co-op is simply too big to be contained in its current location.

aom 16 28Therefore, an important Board focus is to assist the General Manager in locating and developing a larger, more appropriate site for GreenTree. This is exciting, yet demanding, work, and the Board needs members committed to furthering the process. Once we are prepared to move ahead with a new location, there will be a lot to do to unite and mobilize Owners to make this big change.

What does a Board Member actually do? I strongly recommend you read two previous blog posts by Robert Murray and Gary Kramer, current Board Chair and current Board Member, respectively. As a not-for-profit business, the Board is required to monitor our own by-laws and policies to see that we are in legal compliance with relevant state and federal laws. In a larger sense, these policies help keep us honest and true to GreenTree’s mission and our Owners’ wishes.

Before throwing your name into the hat, consider the following:

1)Assess your reasons and desire for running. What are those things that you most value about the Co-op? What skills, passions and contributions would you bring to the table?

2) Sit in on one or two board meetings ahead of time, if you are able. Any Owner can attend any Board Meeting. The GreenTree Board meets every third Wednesday from 6-8pm, usually at the Veterans Memorial Library annex in Mt. Pleasant. Check next-meeting location at the store or on our calendar.

3) Ask yourself if you can make a commitment to stick with the Board for one to three years.

4) Have you joined the Co-op yet? You need to be a GreenTree Owner to run.

aom 16 25Once you feel ready to run, simply fill out the Board Candidacy Form, turn it in (instructions are on the form) by April 13th, cast your vote*, and come to the GreenTree Annual Meeting on April 28th, 2017. The meeting will be held from 6-9pm at the Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum. Come to enjoy the camaraderie and good food, while learning more about the Co-op.  Election results are announced at the end of the evening.

Some current Board Members will be running for the four available seats** that will come open when terms end this spring. However, I urge you to run. Even if you aren’t elected, it helps the Board to have a pool of people who they know are interested in GreenTree, its present, and future. Occasionally, we need to seek out interim Board Members to fill vacancies when, for personal reasons, a current member needs to leave. Thus, we might be calling on you, even if you aren’t elected right away. If you do win a seat on the Board – welcome! Either way, thanks for stepping up!

Feel free to contact me at yar1006@yahoo.com, or by phone at 989-779-1601, if you have further questions or concerns related to running for the Board.

Ray Davies,
Vice-Chair, GreenTree Board of Directors

*Voting begins in-store on April 14th, and concludes at 7pm during the Annual Meeting.

**There are three full-term (3 year) and one partial term (1 year) seats open.

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