A Word from the Board: Co-op Month

A Word from the Board: Co-op Month

By Angie Felton, Board Treasurer, Co-op Owner

Since October is National Co-op month and we have recently welcomed many new members to our community, it seems a logical time to revisit what, exactly, is a cooperative?

The basic definition is that a co-op is a self-governed association of people united to meet a common economic, social, or cultural need through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. That’s the difference between a regular business and a cooperative – the members are the actual owners, not any single person or corporation.

Our Co-op

But that explanation feels too cold for what a cooperative can be.

In my experience, the Co-op is where I run into neighbors who ask for an update on my family. It’s where to ask about a food allergy/dietary issue/ funky ingredient (or substitute) and if someone doesn’t know the answer, there will be a personal quest to find that information for you. It’s an employee who remembers I was looking for eggplants who tells me they just got a shipment in that morning, or the cashier who notices we were gone for a few months and hopes everything is okay. It’s now also a place to grab something to drink with friends you met on a walk at Island Park!

A cooperative can be so many things for people. So whether you are part of the originating founders or a brand new member, we are glad you are here and excited for what the Co-op will be for you.

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