A Word from the Board

A Word from the Board

By MJ Conway, Board Chair, Co-op Owner


The last year has been extraordinarily fulfilling as a member of the Board of Directors at GreenTree Cooperative Grocery. We are now seeing the fruits of many years of effort toward our relocation and expansion project. Our site has been secured, all of the contracts have been signed, and we are breaking ground this spring! This is no longer a dream. It is reality. We are going to make a huge impact in downtown Mt. Pleasant. 

I am personally humbled by the many community members and businesses who have already made an investment or donation to this project. Over 100 community members have invested their hard-earned money into this project. The number of investors is growing, and I expect those who have already invested will consider reinvesting as we continue the second phase of our Capital Campaign.  

I’m sure that some of you who have made a financial commitment to GreenTree have wondered if there is anything else that you can do to support this institution and ensure that this project is a success. You can help GreenTree in the following ways:

  • Double your investment
  • Round-up your purchases at the cash register
  • Volunteer to make phone calls
  • Host a dinner party with interested friends and family
  • Advocate for this project in the community
  • Run for a position on the Board of Directors

GreenTree Cooperative Grocery will celebrate its 50th year of service in downtown Mt. Pleasant this spring. This gives us an opportunity to appreciate the local and regional impact that GreenTree has had over the past five decades, but it also requires our organization to carefully plan and prepare for the next 50 years. In order for GreenTree to thrive for another 50 years, we need passionate Board Members with the skills, expertise, passion, and vision to move our organization into the future. Please consider submitting an application and running for a position on the Board of Directors at GreenTree Cooperative Grocery.

This is your chance to contribute to a project that will make a large community impact that will last a generation. If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please contact GreenTree Cooperative Grocery directly at 989-772-3221 or e-mail General Manager Sarah Christensen at sarah@greentree.coop.


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