A Word from the Board:

A Word from the Board:

It’s an Exciting Time to Become a Board Member!

By Michael J. Conway, Board Chair, Co-op Owner

The seed that eventually became GreenTree Cooperative Grocery was planted in 1970. It would have been impossible for the original Owners to foresee the long-lasting community impact that this organization would have on Central Michigan. Amazingly, we will be celebrating our 49th year of service in this community during our upcoming Annual Meeting in May. That is a milestone that very few organizations can celebrate.

There is a reason for our many years of success. We serve OUR community. GreenTree Cooperative Grocery is a unique enterprise that is governed by the following Ends:

  • People have access to food and products that meet their health needs, including organic, non-GMO, locally-produced, and responsibly-sourced.
  • Our Owners have the opportunity to participate in a democratic process.
  • Our community benefits from GreenTree being an exemplary employer.
  • We have a strong local economy.
  • Our community is educated.
  • Our environment is positively impacted.

In an increasingly globalized world, it is quite a relief that an organization exists to promote the health and wellness of our region. GreenTree is committed to providing healthy products that strengthens the local and regional economy and environment. GreenTree promotes democracy. GreenTree is also an exemplary employer, as illustrated in this article.

It is clear why our cooperative is over 2,000 Owners strong and growing. We fill a very important void in a changing world, and connect people in Central Michigan to a vibrant and thriving community. Our cooperative has become so successful that the next logical step is expansion to a larger store. Multiple generations of Board Members have worked diligently toward this goal and there has been local coverage of their efforts.

GreenTree is clearly in a spectacular position to expand, and what better time than as we approach our 50th year of community service? In order for this dream to come true we need passionate Board Members with the skills and expertise required to move this project forward. This is your chance to contribute to a project that will make a large community impact that will last for generations. If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please contact GreenTree Cooperative Grocery directly at 989-772-3221 or e-mail General Manager Sarah Christensen at sarah@greentree.coop.


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