A Spotlight on Wellness: Gabriel Cosmetics

A Spotlight on Wellness: Gabriel Cosmetics

By Megan Barber, Wellness Buyer, Co-op Owner

“It’s so sheer that I don’t feel like I’ve lost myself under a layer of makeup,” – Alicia Silverstone regarding Zuzu cosmetics in Allure magazine.

Gabriel Cosmetics started in 1991 and since then they have been featured in over 25 print publications including, Elle, Shape, and Vegetarian Times. They feature three lines of products, including Zuzu Lux. Zuzu is their luxury collection, created to cater to the sophisticated women seeking to keep her skin healthy and refreshed while offering a splash of color. All of their products are mineral based and offer full spectrum titanium dioxide ranging from 8 to 18 spf. GreenTree carries:

We have a full selection of high-quality Zuzu Lux cosmetics.
We have a full selection of high-quality Zuzu Lux cosmetics.
  • 6 Dual Powders
  • 2 Mineral Bronzers
  • 9 Liquid Foundations
  • 4 Concealers
  • 6 Blushes
  • 16 Eye shadows
  • 2 Brow Pencils
  • 8 Eyeliners
  • 3 Mascaras
  • 7 Lip Liners
  • 24 Lipsticks
  • 12 Lip glosses

Zuzu Lux dual powder is a plant based formula that can be used dry for a matte finish or wet for a sheer look. It minimizes shine, absorbs excess oil, and doesn’t dry the skin. It even contains antioxidants to help counter environmental damage!

The liquid foundation is oil free and lightweight, providing coverage without caking, as well as moisture for sensitive skin.

Their concealer is able to supply full coverage while balancing skin tone irregularities and under eye circles. The water based formula contains soothing botanicals for a creamy texture.

The eye shadows are available in both matte and shimmer. Both go on smoothly, are easy to blend together, and resist creasing.

The mascaras are a non irritating formula fortified with B-5 to lengthen and strengthen lashes without clumping, or smudging. The brush separates and creates volume while natural plant waxes condition and protect.

Zuzu’s lip and eye liners are created with plant waxes for smooth, precise application without pulling or smudging.

Lip glosses provide soothing jojoba, aloe, and chamomile to nourish chapped lips. Use them alone, or layer with lipstick to create different shades.

Gabriel is interested in sustainability too. The company offers refills of their powers, blushes, and eye shadows to help minimize waste. Just pop out the old palette and replace with the new. They also have a recycling program where customers can mail back any five empty containers to Gabriel and receive your choice of lipstick for free!

The cosmetics are all free of coal tar derivatives, sodium laurel sulfate, mineral oil, lanolin, talc, propylene glycol, and hydrogenated oils. They are certified gluten-free and vegan with no parabens or phthalates. They are Natural Product Association (NPA) certified, meaning that Gabriel uses all natural ingredients including plant oils, extracts from the sea, botanicals, and never any harsh ingredients or artificial preservatives, fragrances or colors. The products are made in the United States using eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable material, and soy ink. The company is also certified cruelty-free through the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ Leaping Bunny program, meaning they are never tested on animals.

Visit GreenTree any day from 8am to 9pm to try the Zuzu Luxury line of cosmetics.