2024 Annual Meeting

2024 Annual Meeting

It’s that time of year again! This year’s meeting will be held at the Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum. They are one of our Community Partners and have done a great job hosting this event in the past. Join us on Friday, May 10th from 5-8pm for a potluck, beer and wine, and a chance to connect with your fellow Co-op Owners. Watch your mailbox for an invitation and your email for information on voting.

If you do not receive a postcard by April 26th and you are currently an Owner, please be sure to fill out a Changes in Owner Information form at the registers so we can make sure it reaches you next year. If you are a current Owner and do not receive voting information, please reach out directly to our Marketing & Owner Services Manager at laura@greentree.coop to get that corrected. We either do not have your correct email on file or it was misdirected by your email provider as a ‘spam’ message.

This year we have three open seats and six candidates. If you would like to learn more about our Board Candidates, you can view their statements here:

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