2018 Annual Meeting Wrap up

2018 Annual Meeting Wrap up

By Sarah Christensen, General Manager, Co-op Owner

Over 100 people joined us this year’s Annual Meeting. Here are the highlights:

Board Election Results-
Ray Davies, Stacy Saul and Lee Ruffino were elected to the three full term seats and Roberto Mendoza was elected to the partial term seat. Thank you to our new Board Members for their interest and commitment to the Co-op!

We bid farewell to Gary Kramer and Mike Lents. Both Gary and Mike finished their terms with the Board this year. We are grateful for their work over the duration of their Board service.

Wooden Nickels-

A representative from Foster Closet was present to accept the Wooden Nickel donation.

In the 2017/18 Wooden Nickel cycle GreenTree Owners and shoppers saved 8631 bags from going through the carbon cycle. We were able to donate $127.90 to the Foster Closet and $144.00 to the People Helping People program. GreenTree Owners and shoppers also donated $164.95 back to the Co-op.

We also chose new organizations for our Wooden Nickel program. This year your donations will go to Isabella County Restoration House and Special Olympics.

Our Annual Report is now available in store or online. Be sure to check it out!

We had fun! We wrote a vision about expansion – madlib style. Owners, Board Members, and staff shared words that come to mind when they think of the Co-op and things they’d like to see when we expand. Here’s the culmination of that activity:

Thank you to Liz Conway and the staff at the Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum. The space you’ve created for our children and our community is really special! Thank you to fellow GreenTree owner, Mike Gilmore, for providing wonderful music for the meeting!



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  1. Gary Kramer

    During my time on the board I learned more about the dedication of Greentree staff as well as the coop’s principles.
    If you want an opportunity to learn about your coop, serving on the board is excellent.
    Thk you for the opportunity and experience.
    Gary Kramer

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