2017 Annual Owner Meeting

2017 Annual Owner Meeting

By Sarah Christensen, General Manager, Co-op Owner

This year’s Annual Owner Meeting will be held from 6-9pm on April 28th at the Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum.

We are holding elections for our Board of Directors. Voting will begin at the Co-op on Friday, April 14th and continue through 7pm at the Annual Meeting on the 28th. Interested parties are encouraged run. Simply fill out this Board Candidacy Form and follow the directions at the bottom to declare your intent to run.

As usual, the Annual Meeting is a potluck, and Owners are invited to bring a dish to pass. There will also be several delicious options provided by our Deli, and beer and wine. New this year, we’ll be having a casserole contest and attendees will have the chance to vote on their favorite dish. The winner will receive a $50 gift card for GreenTree!

You can read the statements from each Board Candidate here: Michael Conway, Amy Derry, Mike Lents, Daniel Patterson

Not sure what you’re in for? Check out these pictures from last year’s meeting to get an idea of how much fun you’ll have!

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  1. Melissa E Brown

    I hope it is in your long range goals to gradually eliminate plastics from your product offerings.
    Several years ago, you campaigned to eliminate flouride from drinking water. Since the 50s, synthetics play an increased role in trade. Today, it dominates the materials market, especially where food is concerned. It’s wrapped around food that comes in its own protective skin.
    Leaching and fine particulates make way into water, air and soil. So, I know you can’t abruptly stop, but eventually, if you think about it, nature will force us to drastically do so – as illnesses linked to endocrine disorders slam the Birkenstock demographic.

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