10 Tasty Toast Toppers

10 Tasty Toast Toppers

By Laura Coffee, Marketing & Owner Services Manager, Co-op Owner

Toast. It’s really just bread that’s been heated until it becomes crunchy and overcooked. But at the same time, it is lovely, and versatile, and delicious! Most Michiganders grew up eating our toast with butter, and maybe a bit of jelly or peanut butter. It turns out that we are missing a whole world of delightful toast topping combos! Here are ten truly delicious combinations that you can try the next time you get that urge to overcook some bread!

(If you’re more of a visual learner, check out the video!)

  •  Avocado
    • You can be a purist here and just smash a perfectly ripe avocado, spread it on your toast, and enjoy! For a bit of variety, try adding just a touch of freshly ground pepper or mutli-purpose seasoning blend and a sprinkle of sea salt on top of the mashed avocado. For an even zippier twist, mash the avocado with a half tablespoon of lime juice and a bit of
      Sure it's a classic, but why stop there?
      Sure it’s a classic, but why stop there?

      garlic paste, then top with a dash of hot sauce!

  • Hummus
    • This smooth and savory spread gives you the salty kick of buttered toast, but with less fat, and more filling fiber and protein. You can also add a sprinkle of smoked paprika, a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or a handful of toasted pumpkin seeds to boost your flavor and presentation!
  • Bananas & Honey
    • Like avocados, you can simply smash a ripe banana and spread it on your toast, topping with a drizzle of honey. Sliced bananas also work great, but be sure to keep the slices thin, or they may try to escape as you bite into the toast! You can also spread raw or whipped honey directly on the toast, and place your banana slices on top. Not fancy enough yet? Add a dusting of cocoa powder – it’s full of anti-oxidants!
  • Cinnamon & Sugar
    • If you want a simple way to improve your toast, just keep a shaker of cinnamon and sugar in the kitchen and sprinkle it on to your toast as soon as it comes out of the toaster. This classic blend will stick most effectively if your toast is still hot while it goes on. This blend has the advantage of still tasting good as the toast cools, not becoming soggy, and is very good dipped in coffee or tea. Feeling indulgent? Butter your toast before adding the seasoning!
  • Cheddar & Apple
    • It might sound a little strange, but the combination of tangy apples and savory cheddar is filling and satisfying as a toast topper. For best results, toast bread lightly and place it on a greased cookie sheet. Slice your apples thinly, place them on the toast in an even layer, and top with shredded or sliced cheddar. Put the whole thing under the broiler just until the cheese starts to get a little bit brown. (Watch the edges of your toast carefully though – you don’t want them to burn!)
  • Hazelnut Spread & Pear
    • The combination of chocolate, hazelnut, and thin slices of pear is a sweet treat that satisfies at any time of day. We prefer the nuttier flavor of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut spread, but classic sweet Nutella will do just as well.
  • Asparagus and Garlic
    • These are just suggestions - feel free to experiment and embellish on your own!
      These are just suggestions – feel free to experiment on your own!

      Asparagus is a divisive flavor, either you love it or you hate it. If you love it, this is the recipe for you! Start by breaking your asparagus spears into relatively short pieces, no more than three inches long. Sauté the spears over medium heat in a little olive oil until they begin to soften. Toss in some minced garlic or garlic paste and continue to sauté until the asparagus starts literally breaking apart. Scoop the asparagus onto your toast and top with just a bit of sea salt – bonus points if you have a salt grinder. Yum!

  • Ricotta and Apricot
    • This might seem like an unusual combination to a lot of people, but it is surprisingly good. Start by spreading a layer of ricotta onto your toast, and then top with a dollop of tangy apricot preserves. You can use fresh apricots, but they should be cooked at least a little to help bring out the sweetness in the fruit.
  • Tomatoes and Pesto
    • This is a breakfast time twist on classic bruschetta. I suggest trying this out when tomatoes are in season and you can really get the fullest sweetness and flavor. First toast your bread lightly and place on a greased cookie sheet. Spread or drizzle your favorite pesto (or even finely chopped fresh basil) over the toast. Top with slices of perfectly ripe tomato. You can drizzle the tomatoes with olive oil for a bit of extra richness. Then put the whole thing under the broiler, checking frequently, until the tomatoes just begin to caramelize. Add a dash of sea salt if desired. Just be careful diving into these, as tomatoes straight from the broiler are really hot!
  • Balsamic Strawberries and Cream Cheese
    • This recipe is excellent for a fancy summer brunch, or even as an appetizer! Chop your strawberries and toss with just enough balsamic vinegar to coat. Chop a few large basil leaves and add to the mixture. Once this is done, toast your bread and spread with cream cheese. Top with a generous portion of the strawberry mixture and enjoy!


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