Staff in the Spotlight: Nisaa Grant

Nisaa Grant, Storekeeper

Where are you from?
I am originally from Washington, D.C. but I have moved 11 total times and ended up in good old Mt. Pleasant, MI for 2(1)

How did you first find the Co-op?
I found the Co-op through my dad actually. He would always go on and on about natural foods and I had zero knowledge on any of it, so I decided to stop in and check it out for myself. As soon as I got a whiff of the soups walking through the door I knew this was where I belonged.

How long have you been working here?
My one year anniversary just passed actually.

What is the best part of your job?
I just absolutely love interacting with our customers. I have had a past in retail and knew going into this I loved being around people, but working here has blown me away. I had no idea how many passionate, fascinating people I would meet on a daily basis. Every person that shops here has a reason for coming in and I learn so much just by chatting with them. You really do feel a sense of community while being there. I love it.

Nisaa with her little sister Cyrah.

Nisaa with her little sister Cyrah.

Do you like to cook?
I enjoy cooking. I wouldn’t say it is one of my talents I use to wow people though. I’m working on it.

Describe your perfect breakfast.
Probably some pancakes. I don’t know, I’m boring. Maybe pancakes and a classy mimosa to spice things up.

What is your favorite GreenTree product?
My favorite GreenTree product is actually a food. It is actually all the food. Basically I can’t decide I just really love food.

Favorite movie?
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

What’s your favorite thing to do in Mt. Pleasant?
I love going thrifting. That’s like a passion or maybe problem I have? Once a week I just take a day to go from store to store a find anything different to fill my apartment or add to my wardrobe. I actually call it Good Will-Hunting… get it?

Tell us something about yourself others might not know.|
I have an obsession with home decor. I actually own about 25 throw pillows and I use them all in my tiny one bedroom 4

Where are some of your favorite travel destinations?
Ithaca, New York is my absolute favorite place to travel to. Out of the many places I have lived, it still holds a place in my heart which says a lot. Anywhere in upstate New York is an awesome place to check out really.

What are your hobbies?
I like thrifting as I said before, as well as DIY’s. I take pride in actually finishing projects I pin on pinterest boards. Oh and eating is a big hobby of mine…

What music is playing in your car, home or head?
It definitely depends on what I’m doing. I think I listen to good napping music usually though. Like sad, rainy day kind of stuff. I don’t know, it relaxes me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
My plan is to be in some fabulous city running a fashion boutique. But who knows where life will take me. I don’t want to get ahead of myself or anything. As long as whatever I am doing is fabulous I’ll be fine with it!

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