Anyone can join the Co-op. (You do not need to become an Owner to shop at GreenTree.) In fact, the first Cooperative Principle is Voluntary and Open Membership. Each person who wishes to join GreenTree and become an Owner needs to purchase a share in the store. The equity invested through share purchases supports development, allowing us to grow and improve the Co-op. A share can be purchased in two ways: 1)Via a once yearly payment of $30 over a period of seven years. 2)Via a one-time payment of $210. New Owners receive a one-time bonus discount of 5% off when making their first share payment.

Every Owner has an equal chance to participate, and can choose their own level of involvement in the Co-op. Owners can vote in yearly elections, attend monthly Board Meetings, and even run for the Board of Directors when there are open seats. There is no volunteer requirement to be an Owner at GreenTree. Owners receive additional discounts on Special Orders, as well as sales and discounts throughout the month. (Individuals residing at the same address can share an Owner account, though only one person can vote per share.) Find out more about the benefits of becoming an Owner here.