Expansion and Relocation

The Co-op has had to move and grow a number of times over the years. As many of you know, GreenTree now has a goal of expanding to three times our current size. Why? It’s like a family needing a bigger home. It’s not just about getting bigger to get bigger. It is becoming difficult to provide for our Owner’s needs in the current space. We have already conducted a Market Study and are now in the process of finding a location and meeting our financial goals.

What can you do to help?

  • Tell your friends—And your family, and your neighbors too. Better yet, bring them in the next time you’re out and about together. Our current location can be a little tricky to find, so showing people where we’re located is a big help! You can also share your love of GreenTree by liking and sharing our posts on Facebook, following us on Twitter or Instagram, pinning us on Pinterest, or by wearing a GreenTree t-shirt when you’re out and about in Mt. Pleasant.
  • Shop often—Make GreenTree a regular part of your routine. We’re open from 8am-9pm every day now, because we want to make it as easy as possible to fit a stop at the Co-op into your schedule.
  • Stop here first—visit the Co-op before the “big box” stores when completing your grocery list. That way you can shop our great Co+op Deals, see what’s new, and get some inspiration for your menu planning. We even carry insulated bags to keep things cool while you do your other shopping. Can’t find a parking spot? Just park in one of the nearby lots and we’ll gladly help you take your groceries out when you’re ready.
  • Add one more thing to the list of items you normally purchase at GreenTree. It might seem like a tiny thing to start buying your bananas, applesauce, or crackers here, but if everyone made this little commitment, it would make a big difference for the Co-op!
  • Pay off your share—If all of our currently active Owners made their remaining share payments, we would reach our initial equity goal of $110,000. Can’t pay it all at once? That’s ok too. If you are current in your payments, you can pay in smaller increments. Try paying $5 each time you stop in, or $10 once a month, and you’ll be paid in full in no time!


GreenTree infographic sm