Community Partner: Narrativality Coffee Roasters

By Christie Cromar, Co-Owner

Aaron and Christie

Aaron and Christie

At Narrativality Coffee Roasters, we have the privilege of roasting amazing coffee from around the globe. We ethically source each coffee and communicate that coffee’s story to customers. Selecting, roasting, and brewing beautiful coffees of the highest quality is what we love to do. It’s a craft, an art, and a passion. We are Aaron and Christie Cromar of Mt. Pleasant, MI. We began our coffee roasting company in 2014 in a 200ft², fully licensed studio in our home in Mt. Pleasant. After much success brewing and selling our coffee at local farmers’ markets, we were able to move into a public space at the end of 2015. That was 9 months ago already! We can hardly believe that we have been able to make our coffee roasting and café dream a reality.

Roasting coffee is a contemplative art form, a solitary craft. And at the same time it connects us to something greater than ourselves. It truly is an honor to roast coffee because as we do, we participate in the story of coffee, and when our coffee arrives in your cup, in a small way, we participate in your story too.

Beans in the roaster.

Beans in the roaster.

Creating a magnificent cup of coffee does not happen by accident. It unfolds with great care, hard work, and rigorous attention to detail in the roasting studio. An important aspect of our process involves developing roast profiles tailored to each coffee’s individual idiosyncrasies and flavor nuances. In fact, we choose not to label our coffee with a roast level because we think it is truer to the story to focus on the flavor profile. But because it may be helpful, broadly speaking the majority of our coffee is best described as light-medium to medium.

Our space, The Coffee Room, is located at 110 E. Broadway in lovely downtown Mt. Pleasant. We are thrilled to be able to welcome folks in and show them what we do. We offer a full espresso bar, feature single origin coffees on our hand pour menu, and craft specialty drinks in line with seasonal tastes. We have bags of coffee, various types of manual brewing equipment, and filters available for purchase, as well as Narrativality merchandise.

We created Narrativality Coffee Roasters and The Coffee Room to be a place where stories can be told; where you can tell and Find Your Story. And we think a great cup of coffee, with a story of its own, is the perfect medium for storytelling!

Image 1The Coffee Room’s summer hours are Tuesday – Friday 8am–5pm, and Saturday 9am–5pm. You can also find us at the Midland Area Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7am–1pm from May through October. For more information visit our website at

As a Community Partner, Narrativality Coffee Roasters offers Co-op Owners 10% off on any purchase, including bagged coffee, merchandise, food, and drinks. Simply show your Owner card at time of purchase. For more information, call (989) 944-4361. (Learn more about all of our Community Partners here.)

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