Community Partner: Endurance Fitness

By Megan Molloy of Endurance Fitness

Good nutrition and physical fitness are a huge part of keeping Mt. Pleasant citizens healthy and strong, so we can build an even stronger community. Our community deserves a welcoming, supportive environment for people to build towards bettering themselves physically and mentally, which is why we’ve chosen to partner with GreenTree Cooperative Grocery. Endurance is committed to providing a wholesome and accommodating workout experience to each and every one of its members!

Endurance Fitness Centers is located at 4855 East Bluegrass Road, in Mt. Pleasant. The gym is family owned and has been operating for just over three years now. Mt. Pleasant is one of three fitness locations, including the Alma FitStop, and the newly opened St. Johns Endurance FitStop center. Endurance offers a relaxed, encouraging, and family oriented environment. No matter what your fitness experience or level, Endurance Fitness Centers is always happy to welcome you and help you reach your health goals. The facility offers a range of exercise equipment, including a cardio theater, weight room (suited for lifters at any level), stretching corridor, six seat cable station, and over twenty different machines to help hone in on a wide range of muscle groups. As a 24/7 facility, Endurance can accommodate any schedule, lifestyle, age, or level of experience; our only requirement is a desire to better yourself both mentally and physically.endur18

Aside from the wide assortment of available equipment, Endurance Fitness Centers also offers members the Endurance Plus side, which hosts a selection of more than ten group classes – ranging from yoga to morning burn, which is an insanity or boot camp style class. All classes are free of charge for members. The gym now also provides members with free 24 hour tanning in level 2 bed and stand-up tanners. Upon joining the Endurance Fitness Centers team, all members are provided with a free physical fitness training session with one of our many certified personal trainers. Endurance’s knowledgeable staff is always at the service of our members for any other needs they may have, and take pride in providing exceptional customer service as well.

In addition to providing the community with a home to facilitate and further develop their physical fitness, Endurance Fitness Centers is also reactive to the communities many charitable organizations. In the past three years, Endurance Mount Pleasant has volunteered for, sponsored, or donated to over twenty different organizations and causes, most recently including Special Olympics Michigan, Community Compassion Network, and Family Video’s Round It Up for Lymphoma program.New-Image7a

Endurance is now offering a free 30 day membership to all GreenTree Owners; simply bring in your card and present it at the front desk to redeem the free pass. For students, be sure to ask about our many helpful student discounts as well. For more information, or questions about how else Endurance Fitness Centers can help you reach your health aspirations, visit us on Facebook, at, or call us at (989)317-3425.

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