Co-op Scoop: Special Orders

By Sarah Christensen, General Manager, Co-op Owner

You may not have noticed, but we’re a little cramped for space in our current location. Every inch of our shelving is important. Items have to earn their space and they do that by selling. The more they sell, the longer they stay on the shelf and maybe even get more space allocated. Unfortunately, it means that we often can’t carry everything you want us to or that we want to, but we do have SPECIAL ORDERING.

Did you know that if we can get an item from any of our vendors or distributors you can SPECIAL ORDER it? Whether it is lotion or wheat grass or gluten free tortillas, you can order it. Keep in mind that SPECIAL ORDERS often come in case quantities, but also keep in mind that you get a discount for ordering a case.

Here’s how it works:

Co-op Owners – Non-sale items: 10% off shelf price, Sale items: 5% off sale price

Non-Owners – Non-sale items: 5% off shelf price, Sale items: sale price

You can use special ordering to stock up on Co-op or Owner Deals, or to get an item you love that we don’t currently carry. You can place a SPECIAL ORDER by telling us in person, by email or by calling 989-772-3221.


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