How to Use Up Kale

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By Laura Coffee, Marketing & Owner Services Manager, Co-op Owner   If you prefer, you can view the video here. Kale is a cheap, versatile, leafy green and a member of the cabbage family. Kale is a lot like zucchini – at certain times of the year it feels like there is more than you could possibly use up! Here […]

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Green Daffodil: Locally Crafted Bath and Beauty Products

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By Megan Barber, Grocery and Wellness Buyer, Merchandising Manager, Co-op Owner Ferndale based Green Daffodil owners, Anne and Siouxsan, have been locally producing quality candles, lotions, balms, and other eclectic gifts for over eight years. Friends since they were kids, the Daffodil girls are busy every day hand producing quality crafts for their storefront and stores like GreenTree. You absolutely […]

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Look good – Naturally!

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By Megan Barber, Grocery Buyer & Merchandising Manager, Wellness Buyer, Co-op Owner When you purchase Terra Natural Design’s jewelry and gifts, you are making the conscious choice to support something bigger than fashion. You are supporting sustainability as the components of these items are made from seeds, nuts, and other carved Amazon Rainforest materials. You are choosing to empower indigenous […]

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