That Co-op Smell

By Stacy Saul, Board Member, Co-op Owner Since moving away from Mount Pleasant nearly two years ago to the West side of the state, I can assure you that I have found nowhere that has the same wonderful scent called, “That Coop Smell”. It’s a mix of onion skins, curry, patchouli, garlic, kombucha, and love? I am a newly elected […]

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What is GreenTree?

By Amy Derry, Co-op Owner, Board Secretary GreenTree is my friend. This grocery store was the first good thing I found when I started working in Mt. Pleasant in 2008. How did I know so quickly that GreenTree was my friend? By its smell? By its accommodating hours? By its products, the local ones, the simple ones, the unique ones, […]

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A Word From the Board

By Michael J. Conway, Board Secretary, Co-op Owner GreenTree Cooperative Grocery is my home base in Mount Pleasant. All of my activities tend to involve our store. My favorite weekend activity begins with an early morning trip to GreenTree where my family of four stocks up on breakfast burritos, samosas, muffins, juice, and coffee. Yes, you can eat samosas for […]

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