What is GreenTree?

By Amy Derry, Co-op Owner, Board Secretary GreenTree is my friend. This grocery store was the first good thing I found when I started working in Mt. Pleasant in 2008. How did I know so quickly that GreenTree was my friend? By its smell? By its accommodating hours? By its products, the local ones, the simple ones, the unique ones, […]

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Feel the Burn

By Megan Barber, Grocery and Wellness Buyer, Merchandising Manager, Co-op Owner Most of us have been there (some of us more often than others) after a beautiful day kayaking, grilling out, and otherwise soaking up the sun. Your skin feels a little tight, maybe you’re more sensitive to both hot and cool temperatures suddenly – it’s the first signs of […]

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West African Ginger Drink

By Laura Coffee, Marketing & Owner Services Manager, Co-op Owner I wanted to try making something a little bit different that still allowed for the use of easy to find ingredients. With the hot temperatures we’ve been having lately it seemed like a good idea to try out a summer drink from another part of the world. The first recipe […]

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